KEHSIA at the Festival des Migrations, de la Culture et de la Citoyenneté

Embracing Diversity

Annually, the Festival des Migrations, de la Culture et de la Citoyenneté takes place in Luxembourg, aiming to offer a unique opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the rich diversity of the country, which is home to over 170 represented nationalities. The program is planned to showcase the multicultural essence of Luxembourg’s residents, in all its forms, whether through music, books, dance or workshops. This year the event was organized by CLAE during the weekend of: February 24th – February 25th as a testament to Luxembourg’s commitment to embrace cultural diversity giving the possibility to over 400 international stands. Through this event, these organizations highlighted their accomplishments and dedication to fostering a more equitable social landscape and a united future. Visitors were welcomed to engage in a diverse range of festive activities, including debates, entertainment, stage performances, cultural and artistic activities, as well as concerts.

Celebrating Culture and Dialogue

The event was opened to the public on February 24th and throughout the two days it displayed educative activities such as participatory workshops offered by CELL and its partners, tales of African mother islands by Adriano Reis, fashion show by the students of Athenee de Luxembourg and the lycee de garcons Esch, African tale proposed by Euryuniverse editions, empowering voice LGBTIQ, polanie dance, reading/film meeting, Pop up films offered by CLAE in partnership with Filmreakter and one people. There were many roundtable discussing diverse topics such as: Lets use our voice to shape tomorrow`s Europe together, the crisis of welcoming exiles in Luxembourg, Realities and challenges for people with migrant backgrounds, Plastic pollution and access to drinking water around the world proposed by Movement France, Afro Feminism through history.

Connecting Cultures

The event was meticulously crafted to serve as a locus for communal exchange, meaningful encounters, and cultural revelations. Participants had the opportunity to discern and appreciate the inherent intercultural dimensions within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Additionally, they had the chance to engage with representatives from the primary Luxembourg institutions responsible for the integration of newcomers and foreigners in Luxembourg.