10 Organizations Launch Solidarity Appeal for Sustainable Holidays with Riding the Rainbow 

Last December, in the spirit of fostering solidarity and sustainability during the festive season, KEHSIA, along with 10 other organizations, has proudly joined the appeal for solidarity initiated by Afrilanthropy a.s.b.l. . The appeal, led by Emanuele Santi, the president of Afrilanthropy, aims to bring a sense of normalcy and independence to young refugees and foment solidarity. 

Afrilanthropy stands as an international solidarity platform, committed to working with African ideas and projects initiated by local communities. The ultimate goal is to deliver impactful results by advising and connecting these initiatives with venture philanthropy, small foundations, and corporate donors. Additionally, Afrilanthropy manages programs on behalf of partners and donors to support vulnerable communities in times of great need, both in Africa and Europe.

The Solidarity Appeal 

The participating organizations launched a Solidarity Appeal for Sustainable Holidays with Riding the Rainbow. This initiative encourages residents of Luxembourg to contribute to the circular economy by donating gently used toys, sports equipment, or musical instruments through the Riding the Rainbow platform.  

Riding the Rainbow, run by Afrilanthropy, is a sharing and meeting platform dedicated to refugees and migrants facing challenges providing a unique opportunity to offer a second life to items that have brought joy to homes. The aim is not only to reduce waste but also to extend the warmth of the holiday season to those experiencing difficulties. 

The initiative was also presented on Radio Ara, find here the interview:  


Participating Organizations: 


Co-Créateurs asbl  


Global Shapers Luxembourg City Hub 

Kehsia asbl  


Mir wëllen iech ons Heemecht weisen asbl  

Passa Parola asbl  

Clean Something For Nothing  

RYSE – Refugee Youth Support & Empowerment