Being represented is being heard – A memory walk around Luxembourg Ville to link gender representation and the power of vote!

The YOU ARE project will organise a memory walk around Luxembourg Ville with its young participants. Entitled “Being represented is being heard – A memory walk around Luxembourg Ville to link gender representation and the power of vote!”, it is an initiative that delves into the underrepresentation of women in public monuments and links it to the broader theme of representation in the European Union Parliament elections.

  • Friday 12th April, 2024 from 17:00 to 19:00 CET
  • Meeting point at La Grande Tempérance by Niki de Saint Phalle, 18 Av. Emile Reuter, 2420 Ville-Haute Luxembourg, 2420, Luxembourg
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What is a memory walk?

A memory walk is an innovative educational initiative that uses monuments and memorials as a starting point for engaging young people in discussions about history, memory, and societal issues

Monuments are often intended for future generations, yet it is precisely young people that are often overlooked in the decision making, building and preservation process of memorialization. Through a combination of hands-on exploration, critical analysis, and creative expression, the activity seeks to foster a more nuanced and inclusive understanding of the past and its relevance to contemporary challenges. The memory walk is structured around several core components that include monument exploration, critical discussion and thinking, and community engagement, while fostering empowerment and civic engagement.

The YOU ARE memory walk

The event will focus on bringing to life the findings from a prior homework assignment, where participants researched statues of women in Luxembourg Ville, culminating in a memory walk that showcases these discoveries.

The memory walk will be a captivating journey through the streets of Luxembourg Ville, designed to bring the hidden stories of women’s contributions to light. As we meander through the city, our participants, armed with knowledge from their research, will lead the way to the statues they’ve uncovered. At each statue, they will present their findings, sharing the life and legacy of the woman commemorated, the history behind the statue’s creation, and its significance in the context of gender representation and societal values.

This walking tour is interactive and engaging, inviting not only participants but also bystanders and the public to partake in a shared learning experience. As we pause at each monument, we will engage with passersby, interviewing them to gauge their awareness and perceptions of these women and what they symbolize. The interviews conducted during the memory walk will be recorded and compiled into a final video material and podcast, documenting the initiative and capturing the essence of our collective exploration and discussions.

Through this dynamic interplay of presentation, exploration, and public interaction, the memory walk serves as a powerful tool for education and awareness. It not only illuminates the often-overlooked contributions of women but also stimulates discussions about the significance of representation and underrepresentation more than ever, in shaping our collective memory and future.

European Youth Week 2024 – Democracy & European elections

In the spirit of this year’s European Youth Week theme – the upcoming EU Parliament elections – our event underscores the importance of representation. Just as statues in public spaces reflect societal values and priorities, the composition of our elected bodies influences policy and decision-making processes that affect all aspects of our lives. By linking the underrepresentation of women in monuments to the need for gender-balanced representation in the European Parliament, we aim to foster a deeper understanding among youth of how visibility and voice in public forums are critical to democracy and equality.

Our aim is to engage a vast number of young participants, fostering a community-wide dialogue on gender representation and visibility in public spaces during this enriching experience. Join the YOU ARE project in this proud initiative!

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