KEHSIA’s team presented the “YOU ARE” project at ARA City Radio! 

Silvia Anastasia and Chiara Crosio from KEHSIA asbl recently introduced the association’s exciting new project, “YOU ARE – Youth Opportunities through Upcycle, Art, Relations, and Equality,” on ARA City Radio. This was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our mission of engaging young people with fewer opportunities in Luxembourg and Italy. 

ARA City Radio, part of Radio ARA‘s network since 2000, serves as Luxembourg’s sole independent community radio station. ARA City, broadcasting on 105.2, 102.9, and 87.8 FM from 6 am to 2 pm on weekdays, caters to Luxembourg’s growing international community. We were honored to discuss our project during the “Breakfast Show,” reaching a broader audience of young individuals to involve in our initiatives. 

YOU ARE” is dedicated to promoting active citizenship and nurturing young people’s sense of initiative. Focused on inclusion, diversity, European values, civic engagement, and participation, the project addresses gender equality through artistic, relational, digital, and green skills development. 

Participants, aged 18 to 30, will explore representations of women in statues and models, understanding historical underrepresentation and misrepresentation. Under the guidance of educators, they will reclaim the narratives of impactful women through diverse sculptures, challenging gender stereotypes using art as expressive communication. 

These sculptures, crafted using upcycling techniques, symbolize the revival of women’s stories and emphasize the potential of waste for artistic expression. Workshops will further equip participants with storytelling skills, creating podcasts about the chosen female figures. The podcasts will accompany the sculptures in a final exhibition scheduled in Italy, concluding the project.  

Applications to be part of this amazing European journey are still open! Do not hesitate to register here.