YOU ARE Project meeting with our volunteers: Join Us for an Exciting Beginning! 

We are excited to announce the first meeting for our YOU ARE project with Luxembourg volunteers on December 18, 2023. A great start with our young participants ready to dive into this new adventure with KEHSIA. The informative meeting will be held from 12 noon to 2pm at Maison citoyen 8, rue Josy Barthel, L-8209 Mamer

The agenda for the day includes: 

1. Welcoming Young Participants: 

   – A warm welcome to our enthusiastic young participants from Luxembourg, ready to embark on this exciting journey. 

2. Introduction to KEHSIA: 

   – Learn about our organization’s mission, vision, and the planned activities for the YOU ARE project. 

3. Interactive Planning Session: 

   – An excellent opportunity for collaborative planning. We will shape the future steps of this incredible project together, ensuring every participant’s ideas are heard and everyone actively contributes. 

The YOU ARE project participants will join us for an afternoon of inspiration and planning as we set the stage for a transformative experience. We can’t wait to make this project truly special with the participation of our volunteers!