KEHSIA’s Journey to Morocco: Building Partnerships with Energy and Good Vibes

We recently traveled to Morocco to participate in the “Partnership Building Activity,” which started with an incredible burst of energy and good vibes! 🌍 Representatives from 25 countries gathered, eager to get to know each other, create new partnerships, and lay the groundwork for future cooperation.

Highlights of the Event

During the PBA activities, our team was actively involved in numerous group activities aimed at networking, discussing regional differences, and addressing the challenges we face with our target groups in our respective countries. These activities included:

  • Cooperative Games: Engaging in fun and interactive games designed to build trust and camaraderie among participants.
  • Regional Exchanges: Sharing insights about our regions, highlighting unique cultural aspects, and understanding the diverse contexts we all operate in.
  • Challenges Discussion: Focusing on the specific challenges we encounter in our countries when working with our target groups, and brainstorming potential solutions together.

Building Meaningful Connections

This event was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet many organizations and build something real through human connections. It was inspiring to see so many passionate individuals coming together with the common goal of fostering international cooperation and understanding.

Representing Luxembourg

We were proud to represent our organization and showcase the diversity of Luxembourg. The event not only allowed us to share our experiences but also to learn from the rich experiences of others, further enriching our perspective and approach.

Looking Forward

As we continue to engage in these valuable activities, we look forward to nurturing the connections made during this event and working collaboratively on impactful projects. The friendships and partnerships formed here will undoubtedly lead to fruitful cooperation in the future.

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