Participation in the Fourth Edition of the “Project Design Forum” at Neumünster Abbey

On June 13, 2024, from 16:00 to 19:00, Neumünster Abbey hosted the fourth edition of the “Project Design Forum” for Luxembourg and the Greater Region. This forum, a significant event for community engagement and collaboration, brought together citizens, organisations, associations, municipalities, and other stakeholders to jointly design projects and work on applications for funding, primarily under EU funding programmes.

The event was presented by various notable funding programmes, including:

Objectives of the Forum

The Project Design Forum aims to provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Moderate a project group: Participants can discuss their project ideas with other interested individuals, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Participate in other project groups: Engage in groups initiated by fellow participants, allowing for diverse input and perspectives.
  • Expand project teams and create synergies: Collaborate with new members to enhance the project’s scope and impact.
  • Create new projects and applications: Develop fresh project ideas and work on the necessary applications for funding.
  • Join ongoing projects: Become part of existing projects, contributing to their development and success.
  • Benefit from agency support: Gain valuable insights and support from agencies and contact points of various funding programmes.
  • Learn about funding opportunities: Discover a wide range of EU funding programmes and other potential funding sources.
  • Present project ideas: Share project concepts before the event through short videos or articles to garner interest and feedback.
  • Engage in online collaboration: Use an online space to refine projects and maintain contact with other participants, ensuring continued collaboration beyond the event.

The Importance of Networking

These events are crucial for us to create and nurture relationships. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, the forum provides a unique opportunity to build networks that can support and enhance our projects. Establishing strong connections with other participants and representatives from funding programmes not only facilitates collaboration but also opens up new avenues for future partnerships and funding opportunities.

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