Participation in “Une soirée de co-création pleine de créativité et d’enthousiasme” in Mamer

On June 6, 2024, we had the pleasure of participating in an event called “Une soirée de co-création pleine de créativité et d’enthousiasme” in Mamer. This dynamic and inspiring evening brought together a diverse group of participants eager to tackle meaningful challenges through collaborative and creative problem-solving.

Challenges Addressed

During the soirée, participants selected the challenge closest to their hearts, leading to the formation of seven tables dedicated to finding solutions for the following challenges:

  1. BOOST Ludus: How can we create an intergenerational meeting place where people can learn, play, and enjoy a variety of activities using the site’s resources? How can we create an alternative learning environment for children that is close to nature?
  2. BOOST Kilogram: How can we transform the zero-waste grocery store into a collectively managed project?
  3. Neighborhood Café and Grocery: How can we develop a neighborhood café and grocery store offering simple, local meals and fostering social connections?
  4. Service and Goods Exchange Platform: How can we implement a platform for exchanging/selling services and objects or establish a second-hand goods store?
  5. Supporting New Projects: How can we support citizens in launching new projects?
  6. Revitalizing Neighborhoods: How can we bring life back to our neighborhoods through meeting spaces?
  7. Eco-Friendly and Cooperative Housing: How can we promote cooperative and ecological housing at the local level?

The Co-Creation Process

With the support of our team of volunteer facilitators, each group followed the co-creation process developed by Start-up de Territoire in France, which inspired Boost Lokal Lëtzbuerg. Through a variety of creative activities and brainstorming questions, participants were guided from initial reflection to designing a solution that incorporated everyone’s ideas.

By the end of the workshop, the seven groups presented their creative and inspiring solutions to the audience. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable, with one participant remarking, “It was a dream come true, full of creativity, conviviality, and hope. We need this so much!”

Importance of These Events

Events like this are vital for us as they allow us to connect with local realities and develop new ideas. They provide a platform for community members to come together, share their passions, and work collaboratively towards innovative solutions.

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