A key activity under the YOU ARE project, referred to as ACT5, involves the creation of unique and expressive statues. The volunteers from Luxembourg have enthusiastically started gathering in a dedicated space to bring these artistic visions to women. Through ACT5, the YOU ARE project is cultivating a spirit of artistic innovation and community engagement, making a lasting impact on the participants and their surroundings.

Art Workshop Celebrates Unsung Female Figures and Promotes Sustainability

The workshop delves into the stories of unknown female figures whose contributions have been vital yet remain largely unrecognised by the public. By researching and highlighting these women, participants learn about their significant roles in societal development, thereby challenging and dismantling entrenched gender stereotypes. This educational component ensures that the legacy of these remarkable women is preserved and celebrated, offering participants new role models who have excelled in various fields. 

Promoting Gender Inclusivity in Creativity

One of the core messages of the workshop is that creativity and constructive ability know no gender bounds. By showcasing a diverse array of women—from those involved in traditionally male-dominated fields to pioneers in science, art, and culture—the workshop fosters a more comprehensive and varied representation of women. It underscores that anyone, regardless of gender, can be both creative and impactful. This inclusive approach helps to inspire young minds to break free from limiting societal norms and envision a world where everyone’s contributions are valued equally.

Embracing Sustainability Through Upcycling

A distinctive feature of the workshop is its use of upcycled materials. This choice not only spurs creativity and imagination but also challenges the common belief that old or used objects are destined for waste. Participants transform discarded items into beautiful and meaningful art pieces, learning to see potential and value in materials that would otherwise be overlooked. This practice of upcycling promotes a sustainable and environmentally-aware attitude, emphasizing the importance of resource (re)use in contemporary society.

Building an Inclusive and Equal Society

By celebrating the achievements of unknown female figures and encouraging sustainable practices, the art workshop contributes to the broader goal of creating a more equal and inclusive society. It provides a platform for women to be recognized for their contributions across all fields, fostering a culture of respect and appreciation for their roles in societal advancement. At the same time, it instils a sense of responsibility towards the environment, advocating for innovative ways to reuse resources and reduce waste.

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