On May 8th, we were honoured to be a guest on AraCityRadio, where the organization’s President, Silvia Anastasia, shared insights into their mission and initiatives. “What we want to achieve is to bring citizens close to science, especially young people and women,” declared Silvia Anastasia, highlighting KEHSIA‘s commitment to fostering a scientifically informed community.

KEHSIA’s Vision: Bridging the Gap Between Citizens and Science

Journalist: What are your projects?

Silvia Anastasia responded with enthusiasm, outlining KEHSIA’s key initiatives:

  • Fighting Gender Stereotypes Through Art: Utilizing the power of artistic expression to challenge and dismantle societal gender norms.
  • Recycling: Promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness through innovative recycling programs.
  • Improving Digital Skills: Empowering individuals, particularly women, with the necessary digital skills to thrive in today’s tech-driven world.

Journalist: Why the focus on women?

Silvia Anastasia emphasised the importance of addressing gender disparities from an early age. “We want to make people between 18-30 years old aware of the gender stereotypes in order to make future generations more able to fight it and solve it,” she explained. By focusing on young women, KEHSIA aims to spark a movement that will empower future generations to overcome gender biases and achieve greater equality.

Connecting with KEHSIA

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Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the entire interview on AraCityRadio, where Silvia Anastasia delves deeper into KEHSIA’s vision and the impactful work they are doing to make science accessible and inclusive for all.