KEHSIA on radio: Empowering Women and Youth in Science and Innovation

Voices by Passaparola on Radio ARA

In a recent interview on VOICES BY PASSAPAROLA on Radio ARA, two of KEHSIA‘s founders, Silvia Anastasia and Chiara Crosio, discussed the organization’s objectives and the challenges faced in accessing science. The conversation, moderated by Paola Cairo, delved into key issues and the initiatives KEHSIA is spearheading to address them.

The Problems of Access to Science

When asked about the barriers to accessing science, it was highlighted several critical issues:

  • Lack of Female Role Models: There is a significant shortage of women in high-level scientific roles, making it harder for young girls to envision themselves in such positions.
  • Educational Barriers: These barriers are particularly prevalent in disadvantaged areas, where resources and opportunities for scientific education are limited.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many women struggle to find a balance between their private and professional lives, which can hinder their scientific careers.
  • Funding Challenges: Securing funding for scientific pursuits can be difficult, which is why KEHSIA is focused on raising awareness about the potential rewards of scientific careers.

Addressing Gender Stereotypes

A significant part of KEHSIA’s mission involves combating gender stereotypes. In Italy, only 16.6% of women have a STEM degree compared to 34.4% of men, according to ISTAT data. The disparity begins early, with societal norms influencing perceptions about gender-appropriate activities and careers.

“We are still steeped in negative stereotypes in every aspect. We conducted a questionnaire across several European countries, and were surprised to find partial agreement with statements like ‘Blonde women are stupid. With KEHSIA, we are disrupting this kind of mentality by raising awareness, which is why the YOU ARE project was born.”

The YOU ARE project aims to challenge and change these deep-seated stereotypes by promoting positive female role models and emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities in science and technology.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the entire interview on Radio ARA, where Silvia Anastasia and Chiara Crosio share deeper insights into KEHSIA’s mission and the impactful work they are doing to empower women and youth in science and innovation.