YOU ARE: Empowering Youth Through Transnational Mobility in Italy

From May 6th to 8th, KEHSIA, in collaboration with volunteers from the YOU ARE project, embarked on an inspiring journey to Italy for the part of the transnational youth mobility of the project. This initiative provided participants with a unique opportunity to engage in a multifaceted training experience aimed at fostering creativity, sustainability, and community engagement.

Three Steps to Empowerment

The mobility program was structured into three complementary training steps designed to equip participants with valuable skills and knowledge:

  1. Training on Upcycling Techniques: Participants learned innovative methods for repurposing waste materials into useful and artistic creations.
  2. Exchange of Good Practices Regarding Creative Recycling: This step facilitated the sharing of ideas and techniques among participants, encouraging collaborative learning and the adoption of best practices.
  3. Active Dissemination of Skills and Knowledge by Young People: The final step focused on empowering young participants to share their newfound skills and knowledge with their communities, promoting a ripple effect of positive change.

Arrival and Activities in Candela

The journey began in Candela, Italy, where the KEHSIA team and volunteers met the Italian group. After the Institutional greeting from the Mayor of the Municipality of Candela – Fg Nicola Gatta, Donata Melchionna and Fr. Michele Centola, The program started with a theoretical introduction to art history and the use of various materials for creating artcrafts, guided by Professor Pietro Descisciolo and Professor Daniela Tzvetkova from the Fine Arts Academy of Foggia. Their expertise helped the participants understand the nuances of assembly techniques, as well as the use of textiles and plastic materials in art.

Learning and Creating with Sustainability

One of the core objectives of this mobility was to highlight the importance of creating art with zero environmental impact by utilizing recycling and upcycling techniques. Through hands-on activities and collaborative projects, participants learned to appreciate and implement sustainable practices in their artistic activities.

Reflections and Future Goals

This mobility experience not only enriched the participants’ understanding of upcycling and creative recycling but also reinforced the importance of sustainable artistic practices. The collaborative efforts between YOU ARE volunteers and the Italian group in Candela underscored the potential for art to drive social and environmental change.

By empowering young people with the skills and knowledge to create sustainable art, KEHSIA and YOU ARE are laying the groundwork for a future where creativity and sustainability go hand in hand. The success of this mobility program serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact of community-driven initiatives.

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