HOW TO BUILD A STRONG BRAND: Insights from the Come Together event with Laurent Grass

Ever wondered what it takes to create a brand that people remember and love? Recently there was a fascinating talk with brand expert Laurent Grass, hosted by the Come Together community, which was enthusiastically attended by Kehsia. This article sums up some key advice shared during the event.

  • Know your audience and what you want to say

Laurent and his colleague Kassia talked about how important it is to know who you’re targeting with your brand and what message you want to send. You need to think carefully about who you want to buy your products or services and what you want these people to think of your brand.

· Use What You Have

Another piece of advice they gave is not to overcomplicate things by always looking for new things to use for your brand. Instead, look at what you already have and use it as effectively as possible. Laurent made it clear: “Use the tools you already have.” This helps keep your brand authentic and consistent.

· Trust is crucial

During the talk, it was emphasized how important it is for people to trust your brand. In a world with so many options, people tend to choose brands they know and trust. So, getting your brand known and building a trusting relationship with customers is crucial.

· Be Consistent

Something Laurent and Kassia stressed a lot was consistency. This means you should always try to communicate your message as clearly and uniformly as possible, across all channels and at all times. This helps people recognize your brand and remember it more easily.

· Things to Keep in Mind

Even though the event is over and there’s no recording to listen to, the advice given is very useful for anyone looking to improve their brand. Remember: know your audience, use what you have, build trust, and always be consistent in your messaging. These steps can help you create a successful brand that people remember and value.

It’s critical to have someone within your organization who is dedicated to managing and evolving the brand. This role is particularly vital for ensuring that the brand’s core values and messaging are consistently reflected in every aspect of the organization’s operations. For non-profit organizations (asbl), it is important to work on the definition of their brand with their volunteers. This ensures that everyone involved is aligned with the brand’s mission, enhancing the brand’s integrity and resonance with the audience.

In summary, the insights from Laurent Grass at the Come Together event serve as a valuable blueprint for anyone looking to craft a brand that not only captures attention but also wins hearts. The pillars of knowing your audience, utilizing available resources, cultivating trust, and ensuring consistency lay the foundation for a brand that resonates deeply with consumers. As we navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace, these principles guide us toward creating meaningful connections with our audience, ensuring our brand not only survives but thrives. Remember, a successful brand isn’t built overnight. It’s the result of understanding, patience, and consistent effort in aligning your brand’s values with the expectations of your audience. By embracing these insights, you are well on your way to building a brand that is not just seen and heard but remembered and cherished.