KEHSIA at Project Design Forum Luxembourg

On November 23rd KEHSIA actively engaged in the Project Design Forum held in Luxembourg. Organised by influential entities including the Anna Lindh Foundation, Citizens, Equality, Rights & Values (CERV), Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Interreg Europe, Interreg Grande Région, and Interreg North-West Europe, this event provided a dynamic platform for collaboration within the realm of diverse funding programs. The forum, a valuable initiative, brought together citizens, organizations, associations, municipalities, and various stakeholders to jointly design projects and collaborate on applications for funding, primarily from EU funding programmes. 

The forum’s emphasis on joint project design and collaboration seamlessly aligns with KEHSIA’s dedication to developing new ideas. Networking played a pivotal role as we navigated potential collaborations, exchanged ideas, and explored avenues for funding support. This event served as a gateway to expanding horizons and strategic partnerships, fostering collaborative innovation and propels us towards a future of impactful projects. 

Participants at the event had the opportunity to moderate project groups, engage in ongoing projects initiated by fellow participants, create synergies, propose new projects and applications, receive support from agencies and contact points representing various funding programs and foundations, gain insights into EU funding programs and other opportunities, and even present project ideas ahead of the event through short videos or articles. Additionally, an online collaboration space was created, allowing participants to fine-tune their projects and stay connected.