YOU ARE Project takes off!

Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and sustainable change, as the YOU ARE project officially launches!  

KEHSIA and its partners Isola che c’è (Italy) and CERC (Slovenia) met in the city of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, for the project’s Kick-off Meeting (KoM). This pivotal meeting, kindly hosted by CERC, took place on the border between Italy and Slovenia and marked the exciting start of our Erasmus+ project financed by the National Agency for Luxembourg (Anefore). 

The start of a transformative journey 

In line with the tradition of EU-funded projects, this inaugural meeting symbolises the beginning of an adventure. YOU ARE is set to span the next 18 months, reaching its conclusion at the end of February 2025. The project will offer engaging activities to raise awareness about gender stereotypes among young people in Luxembourg and Italy. It will do so by harnessing the expressive power of plastic art and podcasts that will focus on the rediscovery of the life and contributions of forgotten women in history. The creativity process will also be enriched by using upcycled materials to make the statue, proving that waste can be much more than just garbage! 

Building trust and solid foundations 

The KoM played a vital role in shaping the project’s overall management. It allowed partners to allocate responsibilities, define tasks, and set deadlines for YOU ARE. However, beyond the logistical aspects, it was a crucial opportunity to build trust—a fundamental ingredient for the project’s success. This trust-building exercise is essential for exceeding expectations and engaging with the youth effectively. 

Promising beginnings, exciting futures! 

It’s safe to say that the project had a good start. But what lies ahead…? 

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